Saturday 03 December 2016 PHOTOGRAPHY 5.00 pm – free admission

Venetian photographer Mirko Manzin, whose work has always manifested an unfading, unchanging passion and enthusiasm for photographing the city, was born some forty-odd years ago on Sant’Elena, where he still lives today. Blessed with an unusually sensitive eye and great technical expertise, he has developed a personal style characterised by the richness of its palette, its accented contrasts and the imaginative stylistic solutions with which he evokes a lively, life-filled Venice.

Manzin’s great love for this subject led him, a few years ago, to set up a popular Facebook page dedicated entirely to images of Venice. It now boasts over seven thousand followers. His enthusiasm has also seen him earn a place as a renowned, and much-estimated figure in many other online photography spaces dedicated to the countless ways that our city is depicted.

Last year, he participated in the Iridesans exhibition held at the prestigious headquarters of the Circolo Artistico at the Palazzo delle Prigioni.

Exhibition curated by Andrea Zaccarelli.

On display until 15 December 2016.

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