Thursday 27 October 2016 PAINTING 5.30 pm – free admission

That which blossoms and traces the dead of night. Interior and exterior scenes, spaces where forms-volumes hint at presence and absence, uncertain marks discernible in a gloom that envelopes and transforms the visible … “Beyond an interest in painting,” writes Lorenzo Fasi, “the subject of this art is basically matter, in its being, its form, and in every possible transformation. ‘Night’ is fundamental; it reveals itself a kaleidoscopic world of possible but uncertain and improbable arrangements of volume, where the imperfect tense is manifest, and with it the continuity of forms in time and space …” The son of a painter and photographer, Lorenzo Fasi was born in Perugia. Having earned his diploma from the State Art College, he moved to Venice in 2011 where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in March 2016. In recent years, his work has embraced darkness and obscurity over brightness and clarity in an exploration of perception. He lives and works in Venice.

Exhibition curated by Emanuele Horodniceanu.

On display until 10 November.

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