Tuesday 11 October 2016 POETRY 5.00 pm – free admission

This wonderful anthology curated by Serena Piccoli brings together poetry, prose and theatrical texts exploring life’s rents and lacerations, the omertà that grows up around these wounds, and the “banality of evil” that causes the deaths of so many women at the hands of men who think of them as “things” to be destroyed whenever they fail to correspond to what is expected of them. Serena Piccoli is joined by a group of female and male friends who have been brought together by a love of writing, to dissect the stereotypes and the conditioning imposed by society, family and relationships, which work together to create the conditions for everyday acts of violence against women.

Lucia Guidorizzi hosts, with performances by Serena Piccoli, Giorgia Monti and Daniela Fogli.

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