Saturday 1 October 2016 PHOTOGRAPHY 5.00 pm – free admission

The “Amici del Click” photography society first saw the light of day in 2001. It was founded by three amateur photographers to give photography enthusiasts from the Marcon area in the Veneto region a context in which to come together and share their work. The range of initiatives undertaken by the group and the quality of their work have drawn the interest and admiration of the wider amateur photography scene in the rest of the region and beyond.

This select group, which benefits from the input of the renowned photographer from Padua, Fancesco Danesin, and Ivo Saglietti, a giant in the world of Italian reportage photography, has given life to numerous group exhibitions and has taken part in a number of high-profile events in the sector, such as recent editions of the Mogliano Fotografia exhibition at the Il Brolo Arts Centre.

Individual members have also held solo exhibitions in a variety of venues, such as the Il Canovaccio gallery in Rome and the San Vidal here in Venice.

The activities of the society, which currently comprises fifteen or so members, is no longer limited to photography alone. The regular meetings at the group’s headquarters have witnessed the promotion of a number of different forms of cultural exchange, which have featured painters, poets and exponents of other artistic disciplines.

Society president Ennio Stefan and a number of the group’s members will speak at the Saturday evening event.

Exhibition curated by Andrea Zaccarelli.

The works will be on display until 13 October 2016.

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